This horse sanctuary is something out of a fairytale

Who says cats and horses can’t be friends? These majestic horses are always happy to say hello to their favorite cat.

Nanny the cat is a Maine Coon, a beautiful and noble animal in her own right. Her human companion takes her on a ride to look over her kingdom and meet up with her favorite horse friends!

The horses come running when they hear their friends approach, frolicking and playing with each other on the way. These majestic animals run free on this Rocky Mountain ranch, and they have so much fun playing and rolling around.

They are very curious about their favorite cat friend, so their human companion holds the cat and they all get a good look at her. Nanny is satisfied with this arrangement.

It’s great to watch these horses play together, roll around, and live a carefree life against the amazing landscape. The backdrop of this video couldn’t be more perfect – the Rocky Mountains are as gorgeous as ever. They even say hello to a few new friends.

The herd of horses and Nanny the cat have both had an amazing day hanging out together. After a long day of playing with her favorite equines, it’s time for Nanny to take a nap.

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This horse sanctuary is something out of a fairytale