That Tiny Newborn Foal Looks Very Ordinary – But She Is Anything But That…

We are used to seeing different marketing tools and techniques being used every single day in our lives. Everywhere we go we see different companies trying every different marketing secret they can think of to try and get us, the consumers, to purchase their products. Over the years there are certain brands and companies that have become household names and we recognize them instantly from one thing or another.

One of the world’s most well-known and popular brands is Budweiser and when we hear Budweiser we immediately think of one thing, the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales. Clydesdale became known as the face of Budweiser many years ago, back when prohibition was ending and they are still used to this day.

This featured video is all about the Clydesdales and the people who dedicate their lives to these horses and train them so that they will be the next generation used by the popular company. The one man who is in charge of this entire operation is Jeff Knapper, he lives on Warm Springs Ranch in Booneville, MS all year round.

The facility that is used to breed, train and show these horses is absolutely incredible. While these are the horses that are used by Budweiser these horses are also sold to different people all over the world for no less that $5,000 a piece. This video will tell you little telltale secrets of the beloved horses that we all know and love so well. Like for instance, all of the horses that are used for Budweiser are males, they will not use a female Clydesdale. They also go on to explain the different, extremely specific criteria needed in order for a Clydesdale horse to be able to work for Budweiser.

This is one video that we just couldn’t get enough of and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!

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That Tiny Newborn Foal Looks Very Ordinary – But She Is Anything But That...