Tiny Shih-Tzu Puppy Is Stranded At Top Of Stairs. Now Look Who Comes To His Rescue.

Any pet owner recognizes this rite of passage for their young animal: Successfully navigating the stairs for the first time. Oftentimes they will easily scamper up the steps – but then when they realize that they must go down them, terror sets in. Gravity suddenly becomes their enemy. Fear of a nasty tumble makes its way into their brains. But we get to see one dog attempt to conquer this.

The video starts with two Shih-Tzu puppies making their way down a flight of stairs. One of them briefly hesitates and then continues to go down to the bottom. The other one, though, it might as well be looking down a cliff with a thousand-foot drop. ‘Petrified’ barely scratches the surface of how it feels. Will it go down the stairs or will it be confined there for the rest of its life, being fed, sleeping, and using wee-wee pads at the site?

Of course, that second scenario doesn’t happen. What occurs is the power of family coming to the rescue. Its sibling bursts back up the stairs to offer encouragement. Mommy Dog throws in her two cents of support. Heck, even the cat makes an appearance to try to help nudge the tiny one down. Then again, the cat may have just wanted the puppy out of the way of its own path downstairs. You never know with those crafty felines. Whatever their motives, it’s an incredible group effort.

While this is a cute video of a little puppy, there’s a powerful message behind it. We can’t do everything on our own. Sometimes we need help, whether it’s asked for or someone can infer that you’re in a tight situation. Life is much, much easier when you’re not shouldering the load, though sometimes the instinct is to not want to be a burden. But once the help is accepted… there’s a sense of relief.

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Tiny Shih-Tzu Puppy Is Stranded At Top Of Stairs. Now Look Who Comes To His Rescue.