Watch How Denzel Shuts Up Actors Who Were Complaining About The Difficulty Of Making A Movie.

If you could choose a dream career without considering if you have what it takes or not, what would it be? Let’s even say you were great at it. Many people would think of celebrities or athletes. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a pro athlete. The problem with being an athlete is staying healthy as I would later find out.

I injured my knee, and even though I tried going to rehab and even a surgery, I soon discovered how important the knees were in any sport. Injuries have ended several of my favorite athlete’s careers. More often sooner or later, injuries will appear in any athlete’s career whether they want it or not. There are many things you can do to reduce your chances of getting injured, but it will just be a matter of time before you do.

One other thing that I dreamed of doing was being an actor. It’s not that I had always loved acting, in fact, I couldn’t do it. I would get stage fright every time I had to act, or pretty much do anything else in front of a crowd. I stuttered a lot when I was growing up. This made me hate every school activity where I had to do anything in front of the class. Especially if it was a project. I would rather do everything and just let any members of my team do the explaining.

My parents saw my struggle and they took me to do some speech therapy, which didn’t really do anything. What helped me were some conversations I had with a sort of ‘life coach’. He taught me how to focus on the positive things that I had, and to think about them every time I had to speak in public. This helped my self-confidence a lot and kept me from stuttering every time I had to say anything in front of a crowd.

Nevertheless, I always wondered what it would be like to make a movie. I tried making movies myself. I would record these imaginary plots of my GI Joes and relive them after. I even showed them to my friends who thought they were kind of cool Whenever I had enough budget, I would even include explosions in the form of firecrackers I would save from the 4th of July.

I did not pursue it, so it remained as a dream of mine. I have seen some actors and actresses who for some reason, forget that fame is short-lived. It’s always a mistake to think that as an actor, you will always be current. What I learned from past actors is that you needed to stay humble to be successful. I have heard many actors, especially young ones, complain about the pain that it is to get ready for a movie or prepare a role. I always thought that it was a privilege. Then I saw one video of Denzel Washington talking about this same people and owning them in an epic way. This is a must-watch!

Watch How Denzel Shuts Up Actors Who Were Complaining About The Difficulty Of Making A Movie.