Venomous, Dangerous, Do Not Touch, But Wait, Don’t Touch THIS… This Is Insane…

There are plenty of cute animals out there that are fun to play with. Kittens, puppies, baby chicks – even some caterpillars. There are some that do look adorable but can actually be quite dangerous. Take the conch sheck ” if it’s occupied, the creature in there can jab you with a needle that can be deadly. The creature that we see here isn’t quite that bad, but it still make you wish you had never seen it before.

This caterpillar, which is called a Furry Puss Caterpillar because its hair is like a cat’s, usually stays high up in trees, but they do sometimes make their way to the ground. Their fuzz may look adorable, but don’t pet it. There are venomous spines under the fur, and being stung by those can make people feel like they were stung by a jellyfish or even a wasp. It’s not pleasant at all, to say the least.

While being stung by one isn’t going to possibly cause skin to rot away, like the bite of a brown recluse spider, it’s still going to hurt a lot. Should one of them jab you with their spines, an expert recommends using scotch tape to pull them out. There’s no antidote for this, so people who do get poisoned by it will have to deal with pain, nausea and a feeling of malaise. If you live in the Southeast, just keep your eyes open for both you and any children you may have.

This is like if the Tribbles in Star Trek ” the original one with William Shatner ” turned out to be venomous. If they still multiplied like that, then there would REALLY be Troubles With Tribbles, indeed. Still this just goes to show you that not everything that is fuzzy and cute is safe. It does feel like a cruel prank that nature’s pulling here. Don’t let this turn you off from cute and fuzzy things. If that happened, then the Internet would likely go away.

I’m glad I saw this video. While I don’t live in the Southeast, I do visit there and I want to make sure my son will be OK. Have you had any experience with one of these? Tell us all about it in the comments and please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest!

Venomous, Dangerous, Do Not Touch, But Wait, Don\'t Touch THIS... This Is Insane...