Watch How This Dramatic Dog Plays Dead… I Haven’t Seen Anything Like It? HILARIOUS!

Sam is a GSD ‘German Shepherd Dog’ and she is an entertainer. When you see how she performs her tricks, you’ll melt! I’m sure all of us have seen a lot of ‘play dead’ tricks. But Sam’s version is brilliant, albeit a bit different.

When her owner says ‘BANG,” she performs one of the best executions of this trick. She adds a little twist that most dogs wouldn’t think to do. I’m sure her owner helped teach her this trick with such dramatic flare, but it does prove just how smart a German Shepherd can be. There’s a reason they are the top breed of choice for police dogs.

It looks like Sam has been watching some old wild, wild West movies. This dog certainly has a certain cowboy flare when it comes to falling dead. She first howls as if she’s in pain, and then does something really dramatic before hilariously falling to the ground! She turns around like she’s twisting in pain before falling. This is just brilliant!

I’m impressed with the owner of this dog for teaching her this dramatic performance. I wonder what other dramatic performances she can do. They must have spent a lot of time practicing this. It’s clear Sam is very motivated by something, probably treats, in order to perform.

Watch Sam playing dead in the video above! Did you like it? Let us know in the comments!

Watch How This Dramatic Dog Plays Dead... I Haven\'t Seen Anything Like It? HILARIOUS!