Wife Of A Police Officer Decided To Pay Tribute To Fallen Cops. Wait Until You See What She Did.

This is the sad reality for the spouse of a police officer ” there is always the very real possibility that each day could be the very last for their loved one. They could walk out the door in the morning and then a doorbell rings in the evening with fellow officers standing in the doorway with grim news. Unfortunately, in 2015, that happened to 16 spouses of police officers. One woman decided to pay tribute to those fallen police officers in a unique way.

Tracey McMenamy, a spouse of a police officer herself, had a foster dog that gave birth to 10 puppies. What she did was take each puppy and name him or her after an officer that died in the line of duty in ’15. It’s a very touching way to let people know that they aren’t forgotten. She knows, that by the grace of God, that her husband has been able to go to work safely each day and return home unharmed.

What’s sad is that 10 puppies wasn’t enough to cover all those officers who died. Even that pit bull that I wrote about recently, the one that gave birth to 13 pups, wouldn’t have been enough. If the two of them had been in the same house – then there would have been ample pups. As it is, there were still six unnamed pups. Still, people seemed to appreciate McMenamy’s gesture.

How much did they appreciate it? Well, the family of one of the slain officers decided to adopt the puppy that bore the same name. That’s one way of keeping his memory alive in their family. I thought that was some sweet news – though it’s not going to come close to being able to ease the pain of their loss. Though when they pet their pup, they can think of their lost husband and father. It’s something.

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Wife Of A Police Officer Decided To Pay Tribute To Fallen Cops. Wait Until You See What She Did.