Winter Blues? What Better Way To Cheer Yourself Up Than With A Day At The Beach – With Dogs…

Dogs have a reputation for not enjoying being in the water. That’s not true ” it’s their loathing of having to stand still in a bathtub and get soaped up is what perpetuated it. I used to have a miniature schnauzer. Her tip-off that she was having a bath? We took off her collar. As soon as that came off, she was under the sofa. Actually, for her, it wasn’t the bath ” it was the drying afterward and having to brush and untangle any knots.

Well, the dogs in this video are knots – I mean – nuts about water. They do everything from swimming to frolicking in sprinklers. Of course, these were all done during the summer. I don’t think we want to see any videos of frozen ice statue dogs. They are all clearly having the time of their lives – even when they accidentally fall into a pool.

There’s just something so fun about watching dog videos. It might be their doing the doggie paddle when they swim. Very innocent and almost childlike. It reminds me when I would go swimming as a child. I had the same enthusiasm as the dogs. Just not the same amount of hair as they do. It’s winter here where I’m writing this and it just gives me fond memories of summer. I wanted to go jump in a pool after seeing this, but all the outdoor pools are closed and an indoor pool isn’t quite the same.

This video has almost every kind of dog too ” large, small, and in-between. There are hairy dogs and nearly hairless dogs ” you will crack up when you see the Chihuahua with the swimming goggles. I had to rewind the video at least four times when I saw that. There’s also a dog tackling a kid who was waterskiing in a pool. That was also a must-rewind moment for me. ‘Oh – she’s got good form. Wait – what’s that coming from the left side? What a collision! Let me see that again!’

I loved the summer vibe of this video. How about you? Let us know below!

Winter Blues? What Better Way To Cheer Yourself Up Than With A Day At The Beach – With Dogs...