73-Year-Old Blind And Deaf Elephant Is Finally Rescued From A Life Of Horror. She Even Cries

This is the story of Sook-Jai the elephant. She had lived a very sad life. All her life she had been forced to experience a life no animal should. She was forced to work and trek for pretty much all her life. Living like this can be a nightmare for any wild animal. She lived to the age of 73, spending each day amusing tourists.

Her years were full of hard labor. She would very rarely get some rest. The more tourists she entertained, the more money her owner made in return. This is a very simple way of slavery. The animal is deprived of living with dignity. She is nothing more than a toy for outsiders. After many years of hard labor, the elephant became severely weakened. The Save Elephant Foundation decided to rescue her and help her find a place where she could retire and live her last years with dignity.

Have you heard of the expression ‘good memory like an elephant’s?’ There’s a reason for this good memory and it’s because elephants live very long too. Elephants are also much smarter animals than people realize. They are also capable of displaying how they feel. The foundation rescued her from her terrible conditions. It was easy to tell that she was profoundly sad and hurt by the life she had been forced to live.

The volunteers then see something that doesn’t surprise them. The animal was visibly sobbing. They were more than happy to provide Sook-Jai with a new home. At last she could just be her and not have to satisfy someone’s wants.

All the way back home, the volunteers are telling her that she will be very happy. She will finally be able to roam free. When Sook-Jai finally arrives at the sanctuary, she is slow to leave the truck. She then immediately heads for the cool and calm waters. Finally, she’s free of the burden of having to trek tourists from one place to another. She is just retired. Now she can have peace.

We are very happy to report that Sook-Jai is very happy at her new home. She will no longer have to sacrifice herself and her body to enrich others. Please take a moment to share this incredible video. Share it with your closest friends and family. Her story needs to be heard. Please help her get her story known to the rest of the world!

73-Year-Old Blind And Deaf Elephant Is Finally Rescued From A Life Of Horror. She Even Cries