Adorable Huskies Break All Rules When Owners Are Away… Watch Their Mischievousness Home Alone…

As cute as dogs can be, just like human children, they can also unleash their naughty side. When their human parents decide to go out for the evening, a Husky pair, Serenity and Lustet get down to mischievousness business. Watch their antics when they’re home alone, with all their naughtiness being captured by the home security camera.

I love this video, but don’t get me wrong. It’s cute when it’s not your dogs misbehaving. Watch how the huskies let their instincts take over as they break the house rules. They are quite smart. Watch how Lustet who seems to be the naughty one get curious about the DVDs placed neatly in a rack on one side. He pulls a few out one by one as if curious to see which movie they are. It’s almost like he wants to watch the movies.

Once they’re opened, he scrutinizes the DVDs inside and then starts being mischievous. He takes some out, plays with them (obviously doing damage to them). He even sits and stands on the sofa ” that seems to be his favorite forbidden place in the house. He happily chews up a drumstick that is hidden at the back of the DVD rack. Hmm, his human parents won’t be happy with that!

You can even see the second dog scold him when she realizes that he’s up to no good. It’s like she knows there’s a hidden camera that records all their movements and wants it on record that she’s doing all she can to stop him. And she does try, bless her heart. Until the end when she finally succumbs to the temptation and becomes a little naughty herself.

They hear the car and their ears perk up and they know they’re going to get in trouble. And guess what, they probably do because the camera recorded everything!

Hahahaha, I loved this video ” It’s nice to see dogs at their best and naughtiest. Everyone has a naughty side ” sometimes that side just comes out. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Let us know! Write to us in the section below and don’t forget to SHARE this video with your friends who have naughty pets of their own. Let them have a laugh as well!

Adorable Huskies Break All Rules When Owners Are Away... Watch Their Mischievousness Home Alone...