Bloodhound Can’t Stop Howling When Baby Plays Harmonica…

This little boy has a special talent that he would like to show off to you! And while we certainly love and admire the passion he has for his music, the dog seems to enjoy it even more!

As the boy blares into his trusty harmonica, the beautiful bloodhound seems to want to add his input to the song. The boy continues to play his harmonica solo, but the big pooch can’t help but sing right along with the tiny child.

As the boy begins to spin, and even dance a bit, to his own song we couldn’t help but smile. These two friends obviously love each other very much, and with nothing keeping the dog from walking away if the music was really annoying him, we can tell that everyone in this family is giving the dog the respect he deserves.

We especially love this video near the very end. Just when you think the little boy has finally stopped playing his instrument, he decides to blare into it one more time, which causes the dog to sing loudly and proudly once again! This video is just too cute, and after watching it we certainly see why everyone calls our dogs ‘man’s best friend.’ What a beautiful moment between these two best friends!

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Bloodhound Can\'t Stop Howling When Baby Plays Harmonica...