Bold stray kitten ‘adopts’ dog as her new mom

While out on a walk, a dog named Toast noticed a tiny little kitten walking toward them. The kitten was unusually bold and ended up following Toast and her human Lucie back home.

Lucie thought at first that the mom cat would follow the baby kitten, but the cat just walks into the house and goes directly to Toast as if to say, “You’re my mom now.”

The kitten follows Toast around the house and even starts to eat Toast’s food. However, even Toast does not stop the baby kitten from eating food and shares the food with the cute baby kitten.

Toast and the baby kitten got along really well. Toast would even help the baby kitten get on the furniture or go up or down the stairs. However, Lucie recently found that the baby kitten would sleep in-between Toast’s leg and stomach.

The kitten grabbed Toast in such a way that it felt like a movement of breastfeeding. So, Lucie called the vet to consult and found that it is pretty standard for dogs and seems like stress pregnancy symptoms.

This was when Lucie decided to take care of the cute kitten. One day Lucie and Toast were sitting beside the pool. This is when they saw the kitten walk towards the water. Toast was super anxious and brought the cat back to a safe place.

Both Toast and the cute kitten are very close, and the motherly dog has powerful instincts for the cute little kitten. Lucie finds that Toast is very humane and is always high on emotions. This makes her so loving and caring to the kitten.

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Bold stray kitten ‘adopts’ dog as her new mom