Bulldog Assumes The Role Of “Big Brother” With Determination

Gunnar is a bulldog who was raised in a home where he became a true part of the family, raised as his parents would a child. Just a few years after joining the home, Gunnar became a proud big brother.

From the moment that baby Wyatt joined the family, Gunnar knew that he had a sincere responsibility as a big brother to uphold. The little bulldog was raised with so much love that he instantly took to the caring role.

The excitement that this little dog showed from moment one is remarkable. However, it came as no surprise to his human mom and dad. After all, before their baby was born, he used to lay atop his mom’s belly feeling the kicks of his unborn baby brother.

When their second son baby Lachlan was born, big brother stepped up once again. From standing behind baby as he climbed the stairs for his first few times to playing happily, the bond is unreal, and both boys adore him.

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