These Bulldogs Do The Cutest Thing, But The Ending Is My Favorite…

It is no wonder why Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world! And some of our favorite and most hilarious videos involve the breed. That’s why this user took the time to create an awesome ‘Bulldogs Are Awesome’ video compilation so that we can fall in love with these fantastic pups over and over again!

One of the reasons why we adore Bulldogs so much is because they have such amazing personalities. Not only are they so fun and playful, but they often display a more easy going temperament as well. This makes them the absolute best companions to lounge around with and who will happily tolerate any little ones running around.

In addition to their silly demeanor, who can resist their adorable underbite and all of those cute little wrinkles?! After all, these are a Bulldog’s key characteristics that make them the fantastic pups we know and love! Don’t you want to just grab them by their perfect, wrinkly faces and smother them in smooches? And don’t get us started on how they flop around with their big, bulky bodies and stubby little legs.

Whatever sparks your passion for these wonderful pups, just know you’re not alone. This clip is especially for you! So sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh when you take a look at all these perfect pooches!

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These Bulldogs Do The Cutest Thing, But The Ending Is My Favorite...