This Dog Had Lost His Will To Live. Seconds Later? A Miracle…

There are stories about animal abuse that are just downright cruel. However the most heartbreaking occurrences are the ones that are a result of plain indifference and regret. This story is devastating but by the end of the video you’ll be immensely grateful for the heroes behind this initiative!

Rescue From the Hart, rescued Angel, one of the worst cases of neglect they team had ever seen. For months, someone had purposely starved her. By the time she was rescued, Angel was dying. At first, we see a bag of bones with little will to survive. Being ignored for so long had turned her into a husk. She needed a miracle; the team knew they would have to imbue Angel with will.

Feeding was a delicate process; too much too fast could have killed her. But over time, Angel’s soul began to shine through. She was eating, she was walking, and she was making new friends. Eventually, Angel began to thrive despite all the odds stacked against her.

By the end of the video, Angel’s transformation is simply mind-blowing! Plus she found herself a forever home!  It’s something everyone should see.

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This Dog Had Lost His Will To Live. Seconds Later? A Miracle...