Celebrities Doing Impressions Is Always Entertaining – But This One Will AMAZE You..

œThe Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon is hugely popular ” and rightly so when they have such high calibre guests on. No more so than Kevin Spacey ” one of the best actors of his or any generation.

The hilarious thing about Fallon’s talk shows is he always has his guests doing something outrageous or out of their comfort zones – purely for our entertainment and much to the amusement of everyone in the audience! This time, it’s the ‘wheel of impressions’ game, where guests are invited to spin the wheel and randomly do an impression of the celebrity it lands on. They’re up against Jimmy himself to see who can do the best impression ” and the results will have you in stitches!

The more enjoyable episodes, however, are those that showcase a guest in a new light, with a unique or little-known talent. And this is certainly the case here, as Spacy delivers some hilarious impressions that leave the audience astounded. Sure, we all knew he could act ” but did you know he was an amazing impersonator too?!

Jimmy hits the magic buzzer first to randomly bring up the name of a celebrity. The challenge is to do a convincing impression of the celebrity while discussing a topic that is also randomly selected. As this was filmed during Halloween, they’ve decided to do a spooky theme, and all the topics are related to that holiday. Kevin Spacey is up first, and right off the bat, he nails his first impression of Jimmy Carson talking about costume parties. He’s barely spoken before the audience have been set off into fits of laughter!

And Kevin doesn’t stop there, continuing the impression until he presses the magic buzzer for Jimmy to have a go. Dr Phil is chosen to talk about Frankenstein, and the host shows he’s not to be outdone with a superb impression of the television personality. It looks like it’s game on so place your bets – who’s going to be crowned the king of impressions?!

But Kevin Spacey was just getting warmed up, and next comes the impression he’s now famous for ” the great Christopher Walken. Walken has such a distinctive voice and mannerism that he’s just ripe for being lampooned, and Spacey dazzles the audience with his near-perfect impression. It’s going to be hard for Jimmy to follow that one! Watch the video to see how they both get on ” it’s hilarious!

Celebrities Doing Impressions Is Always Entertaining – But This One Will AMAZE You..