Dachshund Sees Mommy Bringing Old Toy Over To Him. His Reaction Is So PRICELESS.

We all have our old things that bring back memories of times past. If I see a movie from a certain era, I remember events that transpired around it. For example, ‘Zoolander’ was on TV. It made me think of life before Sept. 11, 2001, since the film came out before then. It made me feel younger watching it. The dog in this video surely knows how I feel ” he’s reunited with a toy from his puppy days.

We see a Dachshund named Finn sitting on a sofa. He’s curious about what his mommy is bringing him, craning his neck forward to try to get a better look. Wow! It’s an old toy of his that he hasn’t seen in five years ” a squeaky pig toy named – wait for it – Piggy. Not terribly imaginative on his mommy’s part, but what are you going to do? His tail starts wagging at like 100 wags a second when he sees Piggy.

Finn is so overjoyed to see Piggy that he starts making noises that he hasn’t made in a long time. He’s an older dog, you can tell, because his face and muzzle look a lot more weathered. This Piggy toy, though, shaves years off him. He starts moving around and wiggling like he’s a young dog again. He’s leaping at Piggy when his mommy puts the toy on different spots on the sofa. This is a fantastic reunion between the two.

At the end of the video, Piggy falls off the sofa and Finn has a stricken look on his face like he just lost his best friend again. Hopefully, his mommy quickly picked up the toy and put it back on the sofa. I mean, he shouldn’t be so impatient ” he waited five years to get this toy back.. what’s a few more seconds? Then again, logic isn’t a dog’s strong suit, is it? I’m sure he’ll get to enjoy piggy many more times in the upcoming days.

For a brief moment, Finn felt like a puppy again. Have you had times like that? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest!

Dachshund Sees Mommy Bringing Old Toy Over To Him. His Reaction Is So PRICELESS.