Puppy Mill Dog Is Given A Bed For First Time Ever. I Was So Moved By Her Reaction.

I never understand how people can be cruel to animals. Particularly those who operate puppy mills. How can they look at these dogs in their deplorable conditions and not wonder how they can do such a thing? It’s just unconscionable. Fortunately, there are rescue operations whose sole purpose is to extricate the dogs from these places. The pooch that we see in this video ws one of the lucky ones.

We see Delilah, a dog that had been in a cage at a puppy mill for nine years ” NINE YEARS ” being put in a doggie bed for the first time in her life. To say that she likes it is an understatement. She rolls in it like it’s made of the finest material in the land. She is in heaven and probably can’t wait to sleep in it for the first time. She deserved something like this a lot sooner. Better late than never, is all I can say.

I loathe the people who run puppy mills. They profit off the misery of animals and the people who actually buy these dogs often get ones with congenital defects due to rampant inbreeding. It’s not fair to the dogs and I’m glad that Delilah was rescued. She deserves true happiness and a comfortable bed for the rest of her life. No dog should spend their natural life cooped up inside a cage.

There was a happy ending of sorts with Delilah. She was initially adopted but it turned out that the person who took her in wound up being allergic to her. That’s no one’s fault ” it happens. So she went back to her foster home, where apparently, she is pampered with belly rubs and pats every day. Even though she didn’t get a total forever home, it’s still a darn sight better than what she endured before.

I was so moved when I saw her wriggling around in the doggie bed. How about you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section.

Puppy Mill Dog Is Given A Bed For First Time Ever. I Was So Moved By Her Reaction.