This Clever Pitbull Alarm Clock Even Has A Snooze Function

'This Clever Pitbull Alarm Clock Even Has A Snooze Function

A good night’s rest is the key to a wonderful and productive day. Feeling well-rested is incredibly important to everyone, whether it is to be more productive or just to be generally more alert and happy. There are few things worse than being woken up early.

But, then again, there are few things better than hitting the snooze on your alarm clock and knowing that you have ten more wonderful and peaceful minutes of sleep. Ten minutes later, you hit snooze again. This is one of the great joys in life. Of course, it would be easier to get out of bed if you had something to look forward to.

It would also help if you had something more than an alarm clock prompting you out of bed and letting you know that it is going to be a beautiful day. Well, this man has just the thing to get him out of bed, and it might just be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t need an alarm clock anymore. He has something far better and far cuter.

This man has an adorable Pitbull that wakes him up every morning at the crack of dawn. That’s right. Instead of an alarm clock, this man has the sweetest and most punctual pit bull in the world. It’s just a beautiful little voice telling him that it’s a beautiful day to get out of bed and pet the dog.

This incredible pit bull will even do a snooze function if he needs it. All he has to do is just tell her to come back later, and just 10 minutes later, she comes right back, again and again. But then again, who would really want to keep sleeping when they have this sweet and adorable dog waiting at their side? You just won’t believe how cute these two are together. Words just can’t describe how wonderful this morning wake up call truly is. You’ll just have to see this for yourselves.

This Clever Pitbull Alarm Clock Even Has A Snooze Function