This Adorable Puppy Sleeping In His Owner’s Lap Is The Cutest :26 Seconds You Will See All Day!

We all love to sleep and for some, it’s a favorite pastime. Most people get to sleep regularly and for long enough periods of time, but not all sleep is as peaceful as we might want it to be. Fortunately for me, I sleep well and after just a few minutes to get situated and find the right spot, I’m asleep for the entire night. The pup in this video, however, is not so fortunate!

Some people talk or even walk in their sleep, and a lot of animals experience this as well, believe it or not. For humans, it may only happen once in a while, but it is fairly common for animals and easy to observe in our pets. Is there anything more precious than watching your dog flap his little paws while dreaming of chasing rabbits? Or barking in his sleep while guarding your door in his dreams?

Lulu is the dog in the next video. She is apparently not a fan of long, boring car drives and fell asleep, so her owner recorded her funny reactions to her dreams. We don’t know what she was dreaming about, but it appears to involve flying. Maybe the air conditioner blowing in her face was the inspiration for her dream. Dogs like Lulu just make me smile.

Watch this cute sleepy pup in the video above.

This Adorable Puppy Sleeping In His Owner\'s Lap Is The Cutest :26 Seconds You Will See All Day!