Kitten Tries To ‘Help’ Dad Sweep The Floor – By Swatting Everything Away

Kitten Tries To 'Help' Dad Sweep The Floor – By Swatting Everything Away

When it comes to keeping a clean place, having a pet can increase the difficulty by a factor of at least 10. They shed, shred, drool, and sometimes even physically block off certain areas. Add children, and it can feel like a Sisyphean task – Sisyphus was a man who was doomed to push a rock up a hill all day, each day, for eternity. Guess what the rock did at the end of the day? If you said that it rolled all the way down, you win a prize.

Well, parents could say the same of housecleaning. At least in this video, the mess-maker is cute. A daddy is sweeping up a hardwood floor. He’s got both a kitten and a kid, so the place is going to be a mess, naturally. He’s got a small pile going, and it looks like he’s going to be able to get this done pretty quickly.

Don’t be silly. If you have watched any amount of videos with kittens, you know that something is about to happen to slow him down. What could that be? Hmm. It’s small, furry and has four legs. This kitten suddenly takes a keen interest in a couple of the items in the small trash pile. Also, he wants to engage in kitten combat with the broom.

If daddy really wanted to be able to clean up, he should have just brought out a Dustbuster or a vacuum cleaner. The sight of either of them sends my cats scurrying into the next room. The broom, on the other hand, practically invites the kitten to play. It seems like cats and kids only become fascinated with things when you start cleaning them up.

If you want to guarantee that a child will start playing with a long-neglected toy again, tell him or her that you’re either going to throw it out or donate it. ‘BUT I LOVE THIS TOY!’ they will loudly exclaim. Yeah, you love it so much that you haven’t touched it in a year. This cat only wants to play with the items because they are being swept up. This is one of the cutest cleaning interruptions ever, though, so the kitty gets forgiven. At least in my book.

Kitten Tries To \'Help\' Dad Sweep The Floor – By Swatting Everything Away