Chance The Dog Isn’t Exactly Keen On His First Swimming Lesson

'Chance The Dog Isn't Exactly Keen On His First Swimming Lesson

Lately, I have been a little confused by the love-hate relationship dogs have with water. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but I have never had a dog that disliked water. My canine friends throughout my life have all loved jumping in the pool, the surf, or even the shower. So, I have been quite perplexed recently to discover that not all dogs love water.

When it comes to dogs, some of them are apparently fonder of water than others. The pooch in our video below wants to try out swimming for the very first time. As he watches his dad already in the pool, this dog, named Chance, paws at the water.

Chance wants to swim but is a little bit afraid of the pool. Being his first time, the dog takes his own sweet time getting into the pool. He is very cautious and doesn’t know what to expect once he takes the big plunge.

Once Chance is in the water, though, it looks like this dad is going to have a hard time getting him out. Chance was quite nervous on his first dip in the pool, pawing towards the steps, but only touching water must have been confusing. But, once in, Chance took to the pool like a duck to a pond. Fantastic. Chance, dear friend, you are going to have so much fun now.

Chance The Dog Isn\'t Exactly Keen On His First Swimming Lesson