Something Incredible Happens To The Horses On This Rescue Farm

Sadly, horse slaughter is a highly profitable market. When they can’t pull a plough anymore, or run a race, horses often end up at the slaughterhouse because they are too expensive to feed and take care of if they have no other use than to be a pet. Sometimes, buyers for the slaughterhouses attend public auctions to purchase ‘unusable’ horses and send them off to be killed. I won’t go into what the slaughtered horse parts are used for.

Enter Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, the only thing separating the horses from life and death. These everyday heroes attend the very same public auctions, choose the draft horses they feel are the most viable candidates for rescue, and then outbid the kill buyers by working to raise the bid just above the meat price.

The horses are then transported to a vast farm in Mount Airy, MD, where they can run, play, and romp around the green pastures. The horses, if necessary, are quarantined for a minimum of 21 days to check for illnesses, but during this time they are well cared for and kept company by humans.

When the horses have completed their quarantine, the staff begins the very important process of placing them into adoptive homes, which is taken very seriously. The last thing they want is for their gentle giants to ever suffer again. The staff ensures these families will love the horses for the rest of their lives.

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Something Incredible Happens To The Horses On This Rescue Farm