The Doctors’ Tribute To Dr. Travis’ Deceased Dog Nala Brings Him And The Audience To Tears

The Doctors' Tribute To Dr. Travis' Deceased Dog Nala Brings Him And The Audience To Tears

Many people have a tough time dealing with the loss of their pets. There are some who believe that if you’re a person who cannot let go easily, you should get another pet before the older one passes. For pet owners around the world, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s like knowing a family member is about to pass and adopting a kid. One can never take the other’s place.

In dealing with this, people have several ways of coping. For some, the best way is to get rid of anything that reminds you of your pet right after he or she passes. This is very controversial. Especially in cases where you have been together for many years, it’s not like you’re going to erase all those years by getting rid of some stuff. There’s a different approach for other people. For them, you need to have some time to let all your feelings sink in. Just as you would when a family member or a close friend pass away.

Realizing that this friend will never be with you again is something very difficult. The best way to pay your respects and a well-deserved tribute to your deceased pet is to remember all the good times you had together. Pictures offer a clever way of doing this. You’ll see them every day, and they’ll be a constant reminder of the fun times. They will help you understand that even though your pet is not with you anymore, he or she is in a better place now. Some people believe that one day we will all be able to see them. We certainly hope so.

We know Dr. Travis from the famous series “The Doctors.” Dr. Travis adopted Nala almost 20 years ago. She has been with him through a lot. She was present at his residence as a doctor, and all the way until he became very well known. Because she is nearing her end, the cast from the doctors decides to do something special.

They decide to put together a tribute. They will play this slideshow and video in one of the shows. They talk to Dr. Travis to see if he would be willing to do it. Being his favorite friend, he graciously agrees. The music starts playing, and we start seeing images from Dr. Travis and Nala. He likes to take her on many different adventures. She likes the snow and has tried a little bit of skiing herself. They also show some pictures of back in the day when the doctor had not started practice yet. He looks very young, and Nala looks as beautiful as always.

Right about the start of the video, the doctor starts tearing up. The love he feels for her is overwhelming and will melt your heart too. Grab your tissues and then go ahead and watch the video we have posted for you below.

The Doctors\' Tribute To Dr. Travis\' Deceased Dog Nala Brings Him And The Audience To Tears