Dog Forced To Race, But Regulators Check Her Blood And Are Shocked At Their Findings

Since performance-enhancing drugs became known to many trainers, some of them have seen them as a viable option. Of course, the whole purpose of a race is to determine who is naturally better at it. In some cases, the winner has genetic gifts that give him an edge. This is as far as it is allowed. Anything else that enhances performance in any way is a violation.

Many sports organizations have very strict rules and regulations that control this type of practice. Sports like boxing, mixed martial arts, professional organized sports, and athletics are among those with stricter regulations. The things that some people will go through to disguise their cheating are unthinkable to the average person.

Several movies have exposed this practice and made everyone aware of the high-cost that athletes pay in the long run to get that extra edge. Many of these drugs have not been extensively tested. The possible consequences in the long-run are unknown. Anytime there’s a race and there’s money involved, the stakes get raised. Cheating doesn’t only happen in human races. As you will find out in the following video. Dog races have been under the radar very recently. I didn’t even know they had drug testing for things like Greyhound races.

But believe it or not, they do. There are only some states that still have these races. They are very popular with families, too. The system is simple: you pick a dog you think might win, you place a bet and you wait for the result. As state regulators have found out, it only takes money to spark people’s imagination and unfortunately their cruelty as well.

When a dog named Flicka started posting very fast times, it raised several eyebrows. Regulators decided to test the dog for drugs, namely performance enhancers. State regulations now demand that the dog who wins the race plus another random dog be tested for drugs immediately after the race concludes. After one of these incredible races, Flicka is tested along with another dog. State regulators were suspicious of how fast this dog had been running. She is by no means an amateur racer. She has about 160 races under her belt.

Greyhounds are usually given away for adoption as soon as they cannot race. This often happens when they start having problems with their joints due to excessive swelling because of all the work they put into them. Finally, the day comes when they get the results. State regulators and staff are shocked at what was found in Flicka’s system.

Dog Forced To Race, But Regulators Check Her Blood And Are Shocked At Their Findings