What This Dog Mom Does When She Is Reunited With Her Lost Puppies Made Me Cry

As humans who have empathy, we still cannot really imagine the pain a mother must feel when she loses a child, especially if we’ve never had children. But we know how painful it must be and even for dog mothers, if they lose their puppies, it must be painful for them as well. We might think dogs forget about their puppies after a while because they return to their friendly and cheerful selves after a few days of being separated. However, there is still something missing for these dog moms and this video is an example of what can happen when mom and puppies are reunited.

Maybe not many humans have seen it happen, but dogs can actually cry when they are sad, just like humans do. I’m not talking about whimpering when they have been punished for doing something naughty. I mean they can cry actual tears of sadness. Dogs are soulful creatures and have powerful feelings, especially toward their young, and this mother will show it in a way that will bring you to tears.

Sadness is a complex emotion and crying is a complex act, whether done by humans or dogs. Both joy and sadness, or a complex mix of the two emotions, can bring tears to our eyes. It’s one of those things we must experience in order to understand. We can only share the moment of joy this mother dog feels when she is reunited with her puppies. We hope it touches your heart.

Watch this heartrending reunion between a mother dog and her puppies, and be sure to have your tissues ready!

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What This Dog Mom Does When She Is Reunited With Her Lost Puppies Made Me Cry