When This Dog Notices His Human Enjoying A Bubble Bath, His Curious Reaction Is? HILARIOUS!

Dogs are so cute. They always want to be with you or know where you are in the house. Their protectiveness and a little possessiveness can lead to some really funny situations, as this video will show you.

Have you ever noticed just how hard it is to get your dog to have a bath? They’ll run away, hide in inaccessible places or just whine their hearts away when you drag them away to get clean. However, this video shows us how this little fluff ball named Keenan got himself into hot water when he went searching for his human.

He had noticed that his human had been got for a while, and he set out on a mission to rescue her from wherever she was. But when he finally saw her, it was not in the kitchen or living room, but in a hot tub, surrounded by a soapy, foamy bubble bath! This made him extremely curious, because she looked quite happy, half disappeared under the foamy layer.

Her infectious laugh at his hilarious antics coupled with this video really made my day. She knew this curious dog would get up to some mischief, so she got her waterproof camera with her and managed to capture this dog doing the unexpected. He got into the bath with her!!!

Yes, this dog wants to touch the foamy layer and soon his curiosity got the better of him and he slipped into the bath! I’m not sure how happy he would’ve been once he was surrounded by the bubbles, but hey ” I guess she grabbed the opportunity of getting him clean as well.

All I know is that would’ve been the end of my bath time if my dog landed into my bubble bath. How about you? Has your pet ever joined you in the bath? Or has your pet ever gotten so curious about something you were doing that it landed them into a hilarious situation? Write in and tell us all about it in the comments section below. We love reading funny stories too!

When This Dog Notices His Human Enjoying A Bubble Bath, His Curious Reaction Is? HILARIOUS!