This Dog Owner Was About To Open The Door. But I Never Thought I’d See That Little Dog Do THIS…

We love animals, this is not a secret to anyone.  We openly love animals and just about do anything to learn or see new information about them.  We can’t thank the people who dedicate their lives to observing animals, they are the ones that get to us the information they gather and from which we devour as quickly as they get it to us.

Well one animal that is our favorite are dogs.  Dogs are just wonderful to have around and we just love to bring them into our homes and to make them our beloved pets.  We would do anything for our dogs and often time we go without so that they have everything they could ever want, we don’t mind though.

Well this adorable video is about a dog who is a CockerPoo and is named Coco.  Coco is your typical dog in the sense that she loves to explore outside and watch what it going on.  One of the things she loves to do the most is chase squirrels, she is one of the best imaginary squirrel catchers you will ever see.

Yes, you read that right, imaginary squirrels. Coco is an avid squirrel watcher and loves to chase squirrels, whether they’re there or not.  This video is of Coco’s mom messing with her and it is absolutely hilarious.  You will fall in love with Coco once you see her chase this imaginary squirrel into a tree.

Watch this hilarious video above and let us know what you thought of it.  As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on your social media.

This Dog Owner Was About To Open The Door. But I Never Thought I\'d See That Little Dog Do THIS...