Dog Rescue: They Have A Clever Way To Verify They Have All The Puppies

A tip came in about a dog living in a vacant lot. Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar and his assistant Lisa Arturo swung into action, rushing to the scene.

When they got there, they found the dog, later named Petunia, hiding under a pickup truck. Lisa tried tossing her some treats, but she was so wary she wouldn’t even eat them. Next it was Eldad’s turn. As usual, he worked his magic, earning a little trust from the dog and even setting her tail wagging. But this dog was a smart one: when she saw Lisa bringing over the “Lucky Leash,” she made a move to escape.

Eldad was able to able to get a grip on one of Petunia’s front legs. He did his best to assure her that everything was okay, but a little tussle was unavoidable. Once Petunia was out from under the truck, Lisa and Eldad got the Lucky Leash on her and gave her further reassurance that everything would be alright. The “accident” she had on Eldad’s leg during the tussle was of course forgiven.

They noticed that Petunia was lactating, which meant there had to be puppies around. They found a tiny one, just two days old, who they named Petals. They kept looking: a litter of just one is unusual. Eldad has a neat trick. He plays puppy sounds on his phone to tell a dog what he’s looking for. But again and again, Petunia led them back to the spot where they found the single puppy. After searching for about an hour, they were confident that there really was just the one.

Lisa had room in her home, so she volunteered to serve as a foster parent for Petunia and Petals. Check out the video posted below to see the rescue as well as some scenes of the adorable puppy thriving over the course of the next few weeks.

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Dog Rescue: They Have A Clever Way To Verify They Have All The Puppies