Dog Sneaks Up While The Baby Is Taking A Nap – And It’s Unbelievably Funny

This has surely happened to you. You’re relaxing on the couch, taking it easy when your eyelids gradually get heavier and heavier. You’re almost asleep but then awake with a start. A few minutes later, the eyelids get heavier again. Eventually, drowsiness wins the battle and you’re sawing wood right there on the couch. Sometimes a spontaneous catnap is just the thing but the downside of it being spontaneous is that you didn’t get under a blanket first. In a little while, perhaps and hour or so, you wake up shivering.

That’s what was getting underway here. An adorable little baby just fell asleep on, but not under, a blanket. Fortunately the family dog saw what was going on…

Dogs are pack animals and that holds the key to why they get along so well with us humans. In a dog’s mind, its humans are members of the pack; in fact one or more of the humans can be the leader(s) of the pack and that’s perfectly okay with the dog. Dogs are therefore utterly loyal to their humans and instinctively want to protect and look after them. The newest, littlest members of the pack are very much included.

What this dog did when it saw that the baby had nodded off, was to come right over and use its nose to get the baby properly covered by the blanket! We’ve posted this adorable little video above. After you see it, you’ll understand why it’s got nearly 8 million views. The way the dog looks out for his tiny human friend is really, really sweet.

How did you like this example of a dog caring for the newest member of the pack? Have any stories about similarly tender dogs? Let’s hear from you in the Facebook comments. Be sure to like and share, despite the risk of melting your friends’ hearts!

Dog Sneaks Up While The Baby Is Taking A Nap – And It\'s Unbelievably Funny