This Video Is A Great Reminder To Make Sure Your Pup’s Paws Are Cool On A Hot Summer Day

This Video Is A Great Reminder To Make Sure Your Pup's Paws Are Cool On A Hot Summer Day

Whether summer is fast approaching or we are viewing it in the rearview mirror, sometimes it just pays to be prepared in all seasons. Summer, in America, often means family road-trips. It also means taking your dog along on these trips. You’ll have to plot out more than just bringing enough food and water to keep them happy during the trip and having the air conditioner working or the window open. There will be times that you have to stop, and it’s important that you consider what area you walk your dog.

That’s what the man in this video stresses. The man in the video has a portable temperature reader. He points it at the ground, and it shows that it’s over 100 degrees. That’s on a fairly mild summer day, around 85 degrees. Imagine how it would feel if the temperatures were higher? This poses a risk for dogs to get blisters on the pads of their paws or even permanent damage.

As a responsible mommy or daddy to a pooch, you can prevent that by putting doggie booties on or walking them in the shade or early in the morning or the evening. The difference in the ground temperature between the concrete in the sun and the area in the shade was staggering. It was over 40 degrees cooler in the shade, which means more comfort for your pooch.

I don’t have to worry about this, since I have two cats, and the chances of me getting leashes on them are the same as me winning the lottery when the payout reaches nearly $1 billion. People who have dogs should pay attention to this, though.

It’s amazing how fast the ground can absorb heat. There will be times during the summer that there’s a tremendous downpour – I’m talking looking out the window and not being able to clearly see the house across the street from you – and then 10 minutes after the rain stops, it’s almost like it never happened. You don’t want to subject your dogs to that discomfort. Check the temperature and give them protection if they need it. They’ll thank you. What an informative video. I found it very helpful that he had the temperature reader.

This Video Is A Great Reminder To Make Sure Your Pup\'s Paws Are Cool On A Hot Summer Day