This Dog’s Mom Really Wants Him Out Of The Crib, The Dogs Reaction Is Totally

When kids and dogs grow together they become best friends indeed. This shows you a spastic Boston Terrier trying to get even more acquainted with his human baby brother. Even though mom objects – first.

Meet Humphrey, the super Terrier that is obviously a good family compadre. Humphrey seems to have really taken to the family’s new born baby. He is so excited he can’t wait to climb into the crib with the baby! The infant really gets a huge kick out it all and seems to not care in the least. Humphrey doesn’t want to get out of the crib even though the mother strongly objects.  He finally relents and obeys but moments later he is right back in there with his pal.

The baby is filled with joy to see Humphrey back where he belongs. This time when the mother voices her negative opinion Humphrey stages an old school sit in and just stares back at her in defiance. Eventually mom must give into the two playmates and their cuteness and let Humphrey stay in the crib. In the end they get their way and they really weren’t hurting anyone anyway!

Check out this unbelievably cute video footage below and see for yourself. Let us know how cute you think this clip is in the comments we set up just for you and please do share it with your loved ones.

This Dog\'s Mom Really Wants Him Out Of The Crib, The Dogs Reaction Is Totally