They Found This Nearly Dead Puppy On The Street. But You’ll Tear Up When THIS Happens…

I have seen a lot of rescue videos over the years, but this one right here is one of the most powerful ever! Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal sanctuary and hospital which is located in Rajasthan, India. From the time of its establishment, this organization has been tirelessly rescuing and rehabilitating abused animals in their area. This incredible rescue by this organization is going to stay with you forever.

In this video, they rescued a puppy that was collapsed on the side of the road, unable to stand. They treated the little girl for canine distemper which is often fatal. Her treatment went on for 14 days, but soon she was eating and walking again. By the looks of it, if they were even a bit late, the poor thing would have passed away.

This puppy was skeletal when they found her, and appeared to have an eye infection as well. She was panting and suffering, but you won’t believe how she wagged her tail cheerfully when her rescuers arrived. After 14 days of treatment, she was a completely different dog. She will likely always be small because of malnutrition as a puppy, but wait until you see her recovery.

At the Animal Aid center, she is walking around, making friends, and her tail never stops wagging. Just look at her face when the worker picks her up to pet her. Her eyes are closed and she feels safe and happy with this kind man petting her. It is so heartwarming to watch this little sweetie and these amazing people caring for her.

Watch her rescue in the video above! Did this touch your heart? Don’t forget to let us in on your thoughts about this video in the comments section!

They Found This Nearly Dead Puppy On The Street. But You\'ll Tear Up When THIS Happens...