Frustrated French Bulldog Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum Over Tiny Treat

If there is one thing that can be said about dogs, they love to eat. Whether you’re feeding them a puppy biscuit, sneaking them a human snack, or just giving them their daily bowl of kibble, it sure puts a smile on their faces.

It’s normal to use treats as rewards for canines listening to commands, training to learn new ones, or those random “just because” treats. If you’ve ever held back, giving a delightful snack, most dogs will let you know.

A french bulldog can be seen staring at a tabletop that holds a tiny snack for him. His owner has yet to give him this delicious treat, and the adorable pup can’t hold back his frustration. What looks to be a dog-safe meat stick the size of a nickel is waiting for the aggravated dog.

It almost sounds like he’s snoring as he’s waiting to be fed, but it doesn’t take long until he starts throwing a temper tantrum. If you’ve never heard a dog scream before, Griffin’s reaction to having to wait for a treat will show you just how hilarious it sounds.

French bulldogs are known for having a short temper, but they also are famous for throwing adorable meltdowns. You can’t help but smile when Griffin throws a temper tantrum over a tiny dog treat. #FrenchBulldog #Dogs #Pets