Gentle giant German Shepherd meets adorable kittens for the first time

Because German Shepherds often serve as military or police dogs, they have a reputation for being aggressive. But anyone who has owned one of these pups knows they are gentle giants at heart.

The German Shepherd, Rocky, was the perfect example of how empathetic and compassionate these dogs can be. His loving behavior was on full display when he met a pair of newborn kittens.

Some people might have worried that a German Shepherd like Rocky might have accidentally hurt the babies. The little ones were barely larger than a hand, and he was a full-grown dog.

But Rocky’s curiosity was tempered by love and caution. He approached the two kittens slowly, sniffing them and pacing back and forth to figure out the safest way for him to get closer.

After a quick examination of the newborns, he sat back and watched over them. It was as if the German Shepherd had decided for himself that he would be the guardian and protector of these two babies.

Still, he was not sure how to interact with the two kittens. He pawed the bed next to them to get their attention, but when that did not work, his mom lifted one of the babies up for him to smell.

Rocky could not have been happier with his new friends. Despite his paw being the size of their heads, he remained the perfect example of a kind-hearted canine older sibling.

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Gentle giant German Shepherd meets adorable kittens for the first time