Pittie, kicked out of dog park, does the most remarkable thing

After getting kicked out of the dog park by a mean woman, Pirate, a Pit Bull, started training to help change his breed’s reputation. Pirate’s mom, Asha, loved him so much.

Asha was distraught and disgusted by people who treated Pirate unkindly just because he is a Pittie. He is goofy, good-natured, and loves to cuddle. She is constantly shocked by the negativity that surrounds Pit Bulls.

To show those judgmental people they are wrong about Pitties, Asha started training Pirate. They joined a local group with the same mission to improve the image of Pit Bulls.

Pirate loved training, and his bond with Asha was strengthened. He earned the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certificate, the gold standard of behavior for dogs.

Asha entered Pirate in competitions because he was so intelligent and athletic. In his first trial, he won loads of ribbons, and everyone loved him. Pirate was able to change the stereotype of his breed.

Whenever Pirate arrived at a competition, Asha noticed people’s unease towards him. Then after they saw Pirate compete, he would be given praise and affection.

Pirate always surprises the judges with his accomplishments. It encourages Asha to keep going, and she is glad people see Pitties in a different way. At the end of the day, Pirate is still her lovable goof.

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Pittie, kicked out of dog park, does the most remarkable thing