Gigant 106-Lb Dog Walks Into A Nursing Home. But This Big Guy Is A Puppy At Heart

When you see a 100-lb dog, at first you’re like, ‘Whoa! That’s a big dog!’ But this one particular big fella whose name is Winston is part of a breed called Great Pyrenees. They are massive, but they are incredibly friendly. Provided that you treat them right, of course. Winston is treated very well and he’s got a great disposition for a dog who has spent time bouncing between two states.

He’s finally found a home in Texas, where he goes to nursing homes and visits people with Alzheimer’s and other illnesses. He’s a therapy dog and people just love seeing this friendly mountain of a dog. Usually, a lot of other therapy dogs are smaller, but Winston is a one of a kind. The residents love taking him for a walk. His calm personality is a perfect fit ” he doesn’t get too excited. He also enjoys being around the residents.

Like some other breeds, he might have faced discrimination. Like some people are afraid of pit bulls, some may have shrunk away from his size. Fortunately, he gets to show what a wonderful dog he is at these homes. Maybe, resident by resident, he can change any concerns people may have. The fact that the nursing home even allows it is a good sign, though.

So, Winston’s got a home and a purpose to help live out his older years. What more can he ask for? I hope the denizens of Texas know what a great dog they have. Maybe this will pave the way for more nursing homes to accommodate dogs his size. That would be excellent. Until then, he can only keep being the best Winston that he can be.

Winston made me want a dog. Do you see a pooch in your future? Let us know!

Gigant 106-Lb Dog Walks Into A Nursing Home. But This Big Guy Is A Puppy At Heart