Goldendoodle Gets A Brand-New Friend For His Birthday. Their Interactions Are So Adorable.

It’s Rhett the Goldendoodle’s birthday. Yay! He rushes into the house to see what his present is. His mommy and daddy are calling him to come to a package. Whee! What could it be? Is it a lifetime supply of doggie treats? Oh boy! He hopes it’s the doggie treats. That yummy beef flavor. Wait. It doesn’t smell like doggie treats in there. There’s something moving in there. Mommy’s opening the box. It’s – a puppy. Another doggie. Her name’s Scarlett.

When Rhett meets Scarlett here, he briefly sniffs her for a second before walking off. He might as well say at that point, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a – ‘ He does warm up to her in a few seconds, making a return trip for more sniffing. Eh. Why not give her a chance? She’s small and cute and her tail’s wagging. Well, it looks like he’s got a little sister now. Things could be worse, he guesses.

Next, we see Rhett running around the yard. He’s got a LOT of energy to expend. I used to walk a labradoodle for a friend of mine, and I can attest to their energy. Actually, I misled you in the previous sentence ” I didn’t walk the dog – the dog walked ME. My arm hurt after each trip around the block. Well, Rhett has enough energy to fuel the sun for another billion years. Scarlett is a bit slower but she’s game to play too.

It’s always a bit risky to bring another dog into the house, especially when the other has been the center of attention for a long time. Rhett made the adjustment quite smoothly, but others have been rockier. It’s all about how the parents act toward them too ” if they give equal attention, things should be fine, but if they dote too much on the new addition, things could get quite dicey.

Weren’t both of them so cute? I want to pet Rhett so badly – if I could get him to stay still. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Goldendoodle Gets A Brand-New Friend For His Birthday. Their Interactions Are So Adorable.