She Hasn’t Seen Her Dog For 2 Years. When They Finally Reunite? You’ll Break Down…

We all have infinite love for our pets and they love us more in return. They are our family and the only thing they want from us is our love and support. They don’t have any other conditions and they are just happy to be there for us. They just make our life more exciting, don’t they? The video above will make you appreciate your pet even more.

Rebecca was living and working overseas in Slovenia. Her whole family had been to her wedding in Bled the past year, so she hadn’t been home to Murrysville for two years. The only member who missed out on her wedding was her dog, Casey. So when this adorable schnauzer sees Rebecca return home, her reaction is really precious!

The family brings Casey out to the driveway to meet Rebecca upon her return home, and her reaction was not what anyone expected. Her loud, high-pitched crying was hard to hear, but it was for a good reason. She missed Rebecca so much and was so happy to see her. But Casey got a little too excited, it seems.

Less than a minute after seeing Rebecca, Casey appears to faint in the driveway! They become concerned, but soon she wakes up and is moving around again, ready for Rebecca to hold her. It’s so endearing to watch her reaction.

Watch the video above. This little schnauzer’s reaction is really touching, isn’t it? Let us know how you felt about this video in the comments section!

She Hasn\'t Seen Her Dog For 2 Years. When They Finally Reunite? You\'ll Break Down...