Man Tells His Dog That He Bought Them A Cat, Watch The Dog Respond… Funny!

The only thing better than a dog at being a child’s best friend would be one that could talk! It’s a common childhood dream when growing up with dogs nothing would be better than being able to share everything with your best friend. A man in this next video was able to make this dream become reality with the creative use of some editing and overdubbing.

In the video, the man and his dog are having a talk about adoption, and the dog seems to be very excited about getting a cat for their house. Dogs are always pretty pumped up about meeting new friends even if this situation goes against the classic stereotype. Then his dad tells him that he made a visit to a local shelter and the dog melts down and flips right out.

The overdubbing is spot on in this video and the creator really captures the attitude and nature of his favorite pet. It’s a wonder what technology can do today by way of keeping us entertained in new and amazing ways.

It also helps that the dog is adorable so watch out for being sucked in and please share the video as well as your comments as we are always anxious to hear what is on your mind.

Man Tells His Dog That He Bought Them A Cat, Watch The Dog Respond... Funny!