The internet explained by 2 dogs

These dogs are so frustrated with each other – until the gate is removed.

These angry dogs are the perfect metaphor for what it’s like to exist on the internet. Even if you’ve never gotten into a fight with someone on Facebook, you’ve seen it happen. Isn’t this exactly what it looks like?

They’re snarling and barking at each other through the gate, as though they’re going to fight the moment that the gate is removed. However, when the gate is pulled back, they are both polite as can be.

When the gate is slid back between them, they start barking again immediately. Maybe the fact that they can’t fight gives them courage.

Maybe they just hate the gate? They are perfectly fine with each other when the gate isn’t between them. On the other hand, maybe they’re just being nice when the gate doesn’t protect them.

It’s kind of like the time your cousin and your uncle got into a fight on Facebook but acted like nothing was wrong at the next family gathering. That’s why it’s a perfect metaphor for the internet!

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The internet explained by 2 dogs