The Incredible Story Of How This Service Dog Helped A Little Girl Will Melt Your Heart

An 11 year-old girl named Bella was suffering from Morquio Syndrome. It’s a rare congenital disorder that afflicts its victims with all sorts of medical problems: skeletal abnormalities, heart issues, joint disease, and much more. For Bella, this meant increasingly limited mobility.

Bella’s life changed forever when she met a gigantic black and white Great Dane named George. The two bonded almost instantly. A trainer at the Service Dog Project described how it all got started: “One day, Bella climbed up with George and she just started talking to George and next thing you know, his head is in her lap and he’s just looking up at her like she’s the best thing in the whole world.” As Bella herself said, “I could tell he needed me and I needed him.”

What’s truly amazing is just how much George has been able to help Bella. Before the Great Dane came into her life, she had only been able to get around on crutches and more often used a wheelchair. But George, an expert mobility service dog, helped get her to a point where she could walk without crutches. “The first time I walked with George, it was amazing. It was like, I haven’t walked in so long and now I get to do it again.”

If ever there was a good dog, it’s George. Best dog ever, really! He worked super hard to make Bella more independent than she otherwise ever could have been. Thanks to the people at BarkPost, he was given the perfect reward: a “dog’s best day.” George got to go to a bunch of fun places and enjoyed a day of thoroughly outrageous indulgence. This was the stuff of any dog’s wildest dreams! If you’d like to see George’s best day ever, check out the video we’ve posted below. You’ll also meet Bella, a girl with an inspiring fighting spirit.

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The Incredible Story Of How This Service Dog Helped A Little Girl Will Melt Your Heart