Jack Is A Special Needs Horse With A Lot Of Love And Kisses To Give. Will You Be His Friend?

Anytime I see a video description of an animal that has overcome a hardship, I’m watching it. Don’t care what time it is when I first see it. There’s something about its resilience and refusing to quit in the face of the harshest adversity. It’s an admirable quality that not everyone has, obviously. It can be quite the teaching moment, of course.

Jack, the horse in this video clearly does. First, he overcame something called Wry Mouth. That doesn’t mean that he mouths off all the time. His name’s Jack, not Mr. Ed. He had been born with it but had to wait for four months If that wasn’t enough, his mommy and daddy found out that Jack had a heart condition. Never one to let life get him down, he’s relentlessly cheerful to all around him. Sometimes too cheerful.

The video shows a farrier putting shoes on the horse. He decides to be a little silly the whole time. The main way he does it is to lick the farrier’s ear. Constantly. It’s quite distracting, obviously. This farrier is a professional, though. He continues on throughout the rest of the video despite Jack CLEARLY not picking up the hint that the farrier wants to be left alone. He still gets his shoes, though. The farrier just wants to get the job done so that he can move on to the next horse.

Seeing goofy videos like this makes me laugh. There are times that even running a certain joke into the ground can be healing, in a certain way. Laughter can be the best medicine, and Jack is certainly trying to dole out as many prescriptions as he can. I hope the farrier went home with a smile on his face, at least.

I’ve been licked by dogs but not by horses. How about you? What’s the weirdest animal licking situation you’ve dealt with? Leave us a comment!

Jack Is A Special Needs Horse With A Lot Of Love And Kisses To Give. Will You Be His Friend?