She Saw The Little Baby Trying To Get Into Her Bed, Now Watch What This Dog Did…

Dogs are one of the coolest creatures on the planet. We all know how adorable they are, but they gained their popularity because of their faithful and social nature. Dogs are also one of the best companions for little kids. Just take a look at the video above! The cute dog in the clip shows us how loving the really are.

The little baby, Alfred, wanted to check his dog’s bed out. There are pretty cute subtitles and the first one says, ‘Daddy, I want to get in the dog bed.’ The Rhodesian Ridgeback, Lea, paid attention as the tiny child tried his best to get inside her bed.

But she doesn’t mind sharing! In an effort to encourage the baby, the dog gets in the bed, but not to lay down. The dog briefly goes off camera and I thought she was going to lay down in her bed. But that’s not at all what she did. Lea, the dog, pulls out her blanket and puts it on the floor next to the baby.

Maybe she was trying to make more room for the little one, but I think it’s more likely she was preparing the space for the baby. This adorable dog lays down on her blanket as she watches the baby holding on to the side of the bed. Then there are more cute subtitles to show that the dog is encouraging the baby to give it a try and get over the side of the bed.

The expression on this dog’s face is priceless. I am sure the friendship between them will only grow as the time passes! This dog is already totally in love with his tiny sibling.

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She Saw The Little Baby Trying To Get Into Her Bed, Now Watch What This Dog Did...