Let These Figure Skaters Take Your Breath Away With Their Awesome Routine Of ‘The Sound Of Silence’

What do you think of the winter Olympics? It’s an international competition that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It has many interesting events, but for some reason, the fans of the summer Olympics don’t seem to be fans of the winter Olympics as well. There are a couple of events that I really like.

For starters, alpine skiing. It’s a sport where the skiers must make it down a very steep hill while going around obstacles. The object of the sport is to see who has the fastest time while clearing all the obstacles. There are some skiers that can do this flawlessly while others have a tough time clearing the obstacles. There’s usually a first round where some skiers can still qualify without going all out. This helps them save some energy for the final round.

As in other high-speed races, there are accidents from time to time. The snow may seem soft to the touch, but once you are traveling very fast and you fall, it can feel like concrete floor. Another obstacle that is very dangerous is the trees scattered around the course. Clearing all of them could spell the difference between life and death.

Fortunately, there hadn’t been any accidents of that nature recently. Another interesting sport is ski jumping. A skier places himself at the very top of a very high ramp. The objective is to see which skier jumps the farthest. There’s a portion of the track that allows the skier to push himself faster on the ramp. After this portion, the skier cannot push himself and places himself in the most aerodynamic position possible.

There are other nice events like speed skating. In this sport, many racers take their place at the track. It’s just like a regular track but it’s covered in ice. As you might be able to tell, the track is very slippery and there have been some accidents throughout the years. Most of the racers have practiced since they were very young and are able to reach incredible speeds very fast.

Another sport that has its group of fans is figure skating. Figure skating is a combination of dancing and skating. It is performed in couples or singles. The objective is to combine all movements with the music and pull off as many flips and turns as possible. Each one has its degree of difficulty and is scored individually. The next couple of figure skaters are about to make history. They are from France and are about to show you the most beautiful routine you have seen in a long time!

Let These Figure Skaters Take Your Breath Away With Their Awesome Routine Of \'The Sound Of Silence\'