Little-One Can’t Contain His Laughter While “Talking” To His Husky

A cute toddler has the time of his life while “talking” to his pet husky. The smart family friend decides to play along to hilarious effect in a game of howling. The little one just can’t stop laughing at how his husky copies his howl, inspiring so much joy that he falls over his own feet.

Howling over and over again, this baby and husky both are showing us how to have fun. Let’s just hope that the two of them don’t pick up a habit of starting this at the crack of dawn. From the fall to the tiny tot’s reaction – it’s a heartwarming clip at every step of the way.

This video of a baby barking at a husky is sure to crack you up. The toddler’s laughter is utterly infectious, while the family dog playing along at every moment is equally as adorable. Both are enjoying their game almost as much as you will while laughing your head off.

Little-One Can\'t Contain His Laughter While \