Tiny Dachshund Bursts With Excitement When Playing on Owner’s Bed

There aren’t many things that are as cute as puppies running around with excitement. Many animal owners don’t allow their pets on furniture. When an adorable little Dachshund pup gets the opportunity to jump on the bed, she’s all in.

Dachshunds are naturally very small dogs. They have four tiny feet that barely lift the adorable breed off the ground. Naturally, Dachshunds were made to burrow much like rabbits. These dogs love to cuddle in laps, blanket piles, and of course, beds.

When Pepper’s owner allows her to get on her human’s bed for the first time, the pup is ready for the exciting adventure. Without hesitation, she launches her tiny body onto the bed and instantly gets the zoomies.

She runs around in circles and lets out adorable barks and squeaks. Later, she is joined by her canine sibling who is slightly less excited about the experience. This doesn’t stop Pepper from enjoying her time and getting all her energy out on the bed.

Tiny Dachshund Bursts With Excitement When Playing on Owner\'s Bed