You’ll Be Taking Out The Art Supplies After Seeing This Cat Castle

A lot of love and a little creativity can go a long way. This caring cat owner built the world’s greatest cat castle from nothing more than a few cardboard boxes and a few odds and ends. Ralph, builder Half-Asleep Chris’ cat, must have had the time of his life in that mammoth play area. What an awesome way to pass the time, while the sight of a furry friend enjoying your creation rewards immensely from the moment of appreciation.

This cat castle is a lot of fun for both kitty and owner. You can use the idea to build a similar castle for your cat, a very small dog, or even rodents like mice, a rat, or a guinea pig. The nice thing about a cardboard castle is that it’s forever changing. You’re pet will love both playing atop it, and playfully pulling it apart at times.

You’ll never look at a cardboard box the same way again after building a cardboard cat castle like this. Half-Asleep Chris’s moment of inspiration gives us all a great idea for our pets but does his cat Ralph actually like it? Evidently so. Now that’s a fantastic craft to please kitty and scratch that creative itch.

You\'ll Be Taking Out The Art Supplies After Seeing This Cat Castle