Local House Cat Visits Funeral Home to Help Those In Mourning

The staff at the Co-operative Funeral Care Home noticed that a beautiful ginger cat would often be seen roaming in and out of the building. The cat’s owners, Christina Jones and Stuart Hague have been thinking their pet went missing.

Going by the name Paddy, this feline would visit the funeral care home every time that there was a funeral service. Mourners were provided with a small sense of comfort whenever Paddy would cuddle with them during a heartbreaking service.

Paddy has attended over 100 funerals in his short life. The eight-year-old feline can even be found spending time with people as they mourn at Mayfield’s Burial Grounds as well. Stories like this can make you curious about the metaphysical realm.

Jan McKinnon, a local veterinary nurse, met the orange cat at her daughter’s celebration of life held at the funeral home. She now considers Paddy a second daughter and has said that he has helped a lot in the grieving process.

In a time when people need help most, a local domestic cat shows up to this funeral home every time there’s a service. This adorable story shares just about much Paddy the cat means to those experiencing grief. #Cat  #Grief  #Animals #Pets