Man and his best friend Golden Retriever do everything together

Ellie is a Golden Retriever who does anything and everything with her best friend, Kevin. One of her favorite things to do is jump into Kevin’s open arms for a hug.

Kevin and Ellie have traveled, fished, camped, hiked, and watched baseball games together. They have gone everywhere, and she also loves to help out with chores all the time.

As an Army Chinook helicopter pilot, Kevin was deployed overseas. Their unit had a dog, Zac, whose only mission was to spread happiness. Kevin wanted to do a similar thing for his community.

Together with his wife, Kevin adopted Ellie and raised her to be a therapy dog. An essential part of that was teaching her how to not be aggressive around food.

Ellie went through impulse training and became astoundingly well-behaved. Kevin regularly lets her taste two types of treats, and then Ellie will eat the one she prefers when Kevin tells her to pick.

In their time together, Ellie has visited over 29 states. Some of the places they visited recently were Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Ohio. Ellie tried all types of food during their travels.

Kevin is looking forward to having more adventures with his best friend. Every day Kevin still cannot believe that he has Ellie in his life.

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Man and his best friend Golden Retriever do everything together